It might get Proud

After a few wrong turns on the way (I can't remember Paddington Station's two tube lines being about a mile apart?) I arrived at Proud Gallery (Chelsea branch) to see the Led Zeppelin exhibition. My first thought after such a schlep was 'let's get to the bar to replenish any lost fluids'; safety first, yeah!…

…With champers in hand, I escaped the stifling heat {note: all photo exhibitions are as hot as a microwaved Pop Tart, it's just how they are in London} and chatted to my old friend Pete Makowski outside; we pleasantly set the world to rights regarding festivals, music and lying in a eulogy. As ever with these events, most of the interesting characters just come to be seen, I think - I'd rather just look at the pictures personally, I eventually braved it back in....

The images were great - most I have seen before, the Michael Putland, Lynn Goldsmith and Chris Dreja shots I think I had even run in a mag at one point or another. The new images were by Michael Brennan - who travelled with the band from New York to Detroit in '75. They looked fantastic, if a bit too grainy for my taste, the energy and atmosphere was captured though, and that's what really counts, I think. The images with Jimmy in front of a baying audience are fairly unusual - Zep are normally shot from the crowd, angled up to look like the gods they were. The Brennan shots showed just how close the front row was in those days.

Also in the gallery were the brilliant Bowie (Aladdin Sane) shots by Brian Duffy. These were massive and looked good as a pair; if i had the funds, etc, etc

Anyway, the booze ran out, so I ran out.

Back into the cool night air... ah, bliss.