Ramble On

After a short break, TeamRock joined forces with our friends at The Rock Collective to host our own festival again. Set in the Kent countryside, this family friendly rock festival has really good vibes, great weather (whilst I was there) and the usual mix of the weird and wonderful people.

I shot the blues stage/tent mainly, my fixed 23mm lens doesn't offer me the luxury of shooting the main stages, sadly. The upside is the tents generally have a better lighting and atmosphere.

Scott Rowley and I also did a few vox pops with some people (I think we improvised/'nicked the idea' of people holding the paper up so we could post things quicker online - we wrote tantalising headlines and asked people to randomly pick one and write their answer... kinda worked, although explaining it was a bit of a challenge, to be honest.

Looking forward to next year, though; as I get older, I really like these smaller festivals.

The full series can be seen on TeamRock.com