6 from Ephraim

Just north of Green Bay on a peninsular that juts into Lake Michigan is the tiny town of Ephraim (population 288). White clapper board houses dot the shoreline, some only merely glimpsed through gaps in the trees, Stars and stripes flags, left overs from the 4th of July celebrations no doubt, flutter in the wind coming off the bay. Its an Idyllic part of the country, with european settlers leaving an indelible mark on the style of the region. Private beaches, cherry orchards and a slow, slow pace that would make the sickly sweet Dawsons Creek look like Mad Max. The weather on the other hand moves at an electric pace. Bright sunshine giving way to thunderous skies, that gather out in the lake, race in sending barefoot pedestrians scattering, the aftermath giving us a spectacular sunset, firey cloudscapes and steamy roads. It also has two great Mini golf courses one, The Red Putter, is a delightfully eccentric course that has Pro tournaments, hydraulic obstacles, as well as frightening woodland creatures. It's the closest we have come to the holy trinity of a windmill, water interaction and a cave (it didn't have a cave, and the windmill wasnt quite right!)