Brum Brum

A weekend In Birmingham - a riotous tale of pinball, fine ales and classic motorcycles

Monday Motorcycle Company

A great shop located in the old Custard Factory, perfect if you love vintage motorcycles, or if you are like me it's great to visit just for the prints and bike accessories without the faintest whiff of danger! Fabulous graphics adorn the walls and windows along with prints by talented artists from all over the world.  The shop is well worth the short trek from the city centre and the owners were very welcoming.


In the heart of the city we stumbled across Tilt, A craft beer and pinball establishment. On the surface that seems an odd combination but in reality I was able to drink through the disappointment of being shite at Pinball....perfect. Again the staff were great, friendly and knowledgable. They let  me try the beers on offer before settling on a preferred choice (a raspberry based concoction, fine in small doses). The walls are adorned with old pinball table tables tops, like trophies from old duels, each dent a a scar from countless battles.