Japan: may 2016

“I'm currently away on sabbatical and will not respond to emails on my return” says my out of office email................ and exhale.... slowly.

I'm away from my desk at a crucial time in our company's year: staff changes, valued friends and colleagues are heading off to pastures new – and all I can think about is who is going to feed Alfie the cat while I swan around Japan and the USA for nearly 3 months. 

Some people take sabbaticals to find a new skill, find a new vocation or find themselves (which sounds ghastly and an unnecessary expense if you ask me). We (my girlfriend Cassie and I) opted for a more straightforward approach and saved hard so we can just have an exciting adventure together. Perhaps we may find ourselves along the way too – it would be a bonus, but isn't the plan.

Throughout our journey, I'll make random notes and observations here on this site, and I'll probably break the 'fourth wall' in blogging terms and leave messages for friends & loved ones (and Alex Burrows).

Cassie will write a proper (read: spelled correctly and genuinely useful) guide over at Bang Up The Elephant.