Tokyo slight return

The fiery delights of Kagoshima, its earthquakes, its stubborn Volcano are left far behind as we take a final supersonic on the Bullet train back to Tokyo 5 hours away. Tokyo, where we started our Journey, Tokyo where we wondered how the hell were we going to survive in this land for over a month when we barely got out of the station and got lost!

Leaving Tokyo and Japan was going to be tougher than we had thought, the first days had been kind to us and slowly we understood that this was going to a fantastic trip in a fantastic country made possible by the fantastic people. With that in mind we headed back to Tokyo a day early to soak up as much as we could from the sensory punishing capital, tick off those 'must see' places and prepare for the next leg of our journey…across America.

Three myths about Japan

  • Isnt it expensive?
    Nope, Tokyo is on a par with other major capitals and everything is cheaper the more you move away from the bigger cities. bear in mind the quality of nearly everything in Japan is 'top notch' too.

  • The Language barrier is a problem?
    Nearly every travel sign is in English as well as Japanese, a lot of menu's have english translations (not everywhere) and people try incredibly hard to help and understand you. I personally find France a little trickier (I am terrible at french mind!). I would use a good translating app it will help in the really tricky situations.

  • Used knickers are all the rage from vending machines?
    We found one machine by accident so from that point of view not really. There are however vending machines for drinks, alcohol and cigarettes everywhere and as they are about the only places that have bins in public (a frustration felt by every traveller) they are very handy.

Three surprises about Japan

  • It is amazingly clean (read forensic), even public toilets become an option when you get caught short in Japan!
  • The TV is incredibly bad but did show England in an Uefa match at 4am.
  • Vending machines...Everywhere!