Triple Threat!

Earthquakes, Tsunami or Volcano? It was only a matter of time before we experienced just one of these (technically we experienced 2 but one was a planned visitation)

At around 11.30 we had an earthquake, mag 2. For the Japanese this was fairly minor compared to what they have experienced in the recent past and this tremor was no more uncomfortable than a bout of trapped wind... a slight discomfort and some wobbling. It is very unsettling knowing you are on the 7th floor of a hotel and you are at the mercy of an uncontrollable natural force (i'm still talking about the earthquake not the trapped wind).

Earlier in the day we risked life and limb by visiting an active volcano, Sakurajima, we had seen it the day before from an observation post in Kagoshima - its nearest city; and an impressive site it is too, rising out of the bay, dominating all it surveys. The 3 craters ready to deal death (well more likely ash) on the city including the 5000 inhabitants that live in its shadow.

One of the side effects of having a volcano as a neighbour is the natural hot springs. The public can use specially made areas for sitting and grabbing a free foot spa, very nice it is too although I forgot to vigorously wash the minerals off so my legs are now half pasty white and half orange 'Tango'.

Our tour round the base of the volcano revealed no alarming eruptions and the most danger you are in is slipping on the fine dusting of ash that covers the ground or very angry chinese old ladies as it would happen.
Brad 2 - Mother Nature 0

Sakurajima and the proximity to Kagoshima -last year it 'erupted' (read: farted out gas) over 700 times!