Yokohama Mini-Golf

Japan 2017. This time there will be less temple visits, more ramen, less Godzilla, more walking.

But first... we 'mini golf' in Yokohama.

Suction cup to aid picking up the ball

I have never figured out why a nation who love golf and are fond of cute miniature things don't play more mini golf? There seems barely a course in in the whole land!

We did find one atop a department store opposite a cup noodle museum... soooo Japan! 

The golf wasn't like any other we had played before, no standing on the course, no bending to pick up the ball (a rubber cup on the club sees to that) and a black line on the course to keep the ball 'in bounds'  at all times. You get an overexcited personal tutorial in all this before you start and cleansing wipes to wash your hands with after... (after the round, not after the personal tutorial).

One thing to remember: 'No swinging! So dangerous!' 

 COURSE SIZE: 18 holes (set on a roof)


FAKE CAVE: No! But did have a ramp-and-net combo.

COURSE CONDITION: Perfect as you would expect. Made of mdf though.

OUTSTANDING FEATURE: Bizarre clubs, strange rules, tuition. Wet wipes...


Lacks a little invention but still great to play an unusual course... on a roof.

Pro tip: get a shorter club than usual. The course is raised by half a foot.